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Vale Palmi, Alena Tonelli

8 February – 22 March 2020

CRAC – Castel Nuovo Rangone (MO)



Curatio Vulnerisis proposed as a liturgy that leads from ‘vulnus crudum’ (bleeding wound) to ‘vulnus medeor’ (the healing of the wound).

Vale Palmi in her works (photographs and paintings) shows directly, without filters, the cuts and incisions inflicted in the flesh. The wound is a Door from which one can exit and, at the same time, it is a gash in everyday life that allows the Real to enter. It is a way to free the Soul/Blood ('The Sauce of Life'[1]) from the Cage/Body. Palmi’s works are, therefore, an exhortation to leave the Bodies open to that sensitive communication that makes its way through the Pain and atrocity of the Facts of Life. With a writing of blood and flesh supported by paper or galvanized iron, the artist becomes the spokesman of a poetics of Decomposition and Life after Life.

Alena Tonelli, with an almost ritualistic process, takes care of the wounds by bandaging them with the raw canvas and protecting them from the sight of others. The fabric reveals small traces, veiled clues of the hidden wound. The forms of the supports trigger a 'visual mechanism' thanks to which the viewer reads and traces - more or less consciously - familiar elements in the undefined contours of the work. The artist's intention is to stimulate an inner listening that resonates with her audience. The semantic discourse is implicit in the sculptures and canvases, the meaning remains in power and speaks to the unconscious of the viewer. The bandages protect and heal wounds that are both physical and spiritual.

[1]PieroCamporesi, Il sugo della vita, Ed. Il Saggiatore, Milano, 2017

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