29 Jul

How does CONTEMPORARY ART approach, raise, respond and bring to public attention the GEOPOLITICAL ISSUES?

This blog borns with the intent to answer this question, and will do so by exploring contemporary art production from Latin America to Asia, with the contribution of artists, critics and curators.

But why did this interest arise and what is geopolitics?

For a couple of years I have been studying Contemporary Mexican and Guatemalan Art and more recently I'm getting involved also in the Salvadoran and Asian one.

In so doing I have noticed that many times artistic works in territories like these are closely connected with the local political situation, as they are works that document and denounce socio-political problems characteristic of that particular geographical area.

Geopolitics intervenes in this context as a discipline that studies the relationship between physical geography, human geography and political action; it analyzes power conflicts end rivalry in specific spaces and this is why it crosses different skills and disciplines in its reasoning: from history to geography, from anthropology to economics and why not to Art as well ...

Both Art and Geopolitics have to deal with the representation, and they both are instrument for understanding, so why not bring these two approaches together, synthesize them into a new perspective?

[caption: Legals Aliens view, Florian Raditsch's solo show at Instituto Cultural Mexicano en Austria, in cooperation with the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien] 

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