Born 1981. Graduated in Modern Literature with a thesis on medieval cartography, I work as a contemporary art critic and curator. I regularly write for Espoarte, Exibart and SMALL ZINE magazines - writing interviews, reviews and in-depth analysis - and I collaborate with independent exhibition spaces, galleries and institutions in Italy and abroad.
Among the most important projects: the text written for Teresa Margolles' solo exhibition En la Herida at Kunsthalle Krems (2019), for several artists at Galleria Rizomi (PR) - including Tommaso Buldini, François Burland, Laurina Paperina, Simone Pellegrini, Sylvie Selig (2019, 2020 and 2021) -, for the artworks The Flag Relocation by Francesco Di Giovanni exhibited at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (2019), Incisione su Silenzio by Pier Alfeo exhibited at 'Green iDeal' - a project curated by Paratissima in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino for the Technology Biennale - (2020), Falsos Positivos by Massiel Leza finalist of Premio Francesco Fabbri (2021) and the forthcoming text on the work of Michelangelo Galliani included in the catalogue of the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino - 59• Venice Biennale (2022).
I've also taken part in talks and round tables promoted by festivals and art fairs, both as a guest and as a moderator.

Art and Writing: passion and necessity, ‘happy island’ and refuge.
These are the two poles between which my thoughts, my horizons, move.
My entry into the world of contemporary art is 'late': my path as an independent critic and curator began in 2017, about fifteen years after the end of my humanistic studies. The return to art and writing was a need that at that time I was no longer able to repress and that turned into a new path.
I started with street art and then widened my gaze to the wider panorama of contemporary art and its various languages: painting, sculpture, installation, photography, performance, until I reached - to the present day - the sphere of digital art.
The pandemic has heightened my curiosity about this form of expression and creativity and accelerated my approach to its studio. Currently, in addition to consolidating the knowledge and skills acquired so far, I am devoting myself to a series of in-depth studies on issues related to the world of digital art: ecological impact, surveillance, meta-reality, data control, ... through comparison with the different actors in this scene: artists, curators, gallery owners, institutions.
My reflections on the art world are usually enriched by philosophical and sociological-anthropological readings and research.
Writing is my way of reorganizing thoughts, information collected and fixing them on 'paper'.
Where Art is the subject, Writing is the method.

  • Charting the Avant Garde: From Romanticism to Utopic Abstraction - School of the Art Institute of Chicago -
  • Modern Art and Ideas – MoMa Certificate -
  • What’s Contemporary Art – MoMa Certificate -
  • Seeing Through Photography – MoMa Certificate -
  • Museums and Society – UniBo Certificate -
  • Semiotica dei Nuovi Media – UniBo Certificate -
Four-year Degree in Modern Literature
Thesis title: What colour is the sea? The representation of liquid spaces in medieval mappae mundi.
Thesis supervisor: Prof. Stefano Torresani

  • Nescio, Nolo, works by Alessandra Maio, CRAC – Castelnuovo Rangone Arte Contemporanea (MO)
  • Ierofanie vegetali, works by Giulia Dall'Olio, CRAC – Castelnuovo Rangone Arte Contemporanea (MO)
  • DEFLAGRAZIONE, works by Vincenzo D’Argenio SENAPE Vivaio Urbano (BO)
  • NOIse, works by Elena Ascari, Hangar Rosso Tiepido (MO)
  • Curatio Vulneris, works by Vale Palmi and Alena Tonelli, CRAC – Castelnuovo Rangone Arte Contemporanea (MO)
  • Booth at BOOMing Contemporary Art Show (BO), works by Vale Palmi and Laura Fortin, Galleria Rizomi (PR).
  • Concrete, collective photographic exhibition on urban portrait, Studio Bordin (BO)
  • Trasformazione, co-curator with Oscarito Sanchez, works by Sofia Cruz Rocha, Oscar Cueto, Manuela Picallo Gil, Vale Palmi and Laura Rambelli, Faro Arte (Marina di Ravenna - RA)
  • NOWhere, co-curator with Giovanni Avolio, works by Giulio Cassanelli, Mirò Architetti (BO)
  • I Grandi Liberi, performance by Vale Palmi, Hinterland Galerie (Wien - AT)
  • DUM.BO, works by Gian Luca Beccari, Angelo Bellobono, Giorgio Bevignani, Davide Bramante and Massimo Giacon, Galleria Contemporary Concept (BO)

  • La Balotta dei Bolognesi, collective exhibition ‘Padiglione Bologna’ a cura di Sandro Malossini, FaroArte (Marina di Ravenna – RA)
  • Baccanale, work ‘EROS(O) II’ by Massiel Leza, collective exhibition ‘Estremi Elastici’ by Estuario Project Space|Officina Giovani (PO)
  • L’incanto della Finitudine, work by Michelangelo Galliani, Padiglione della Repubblica di San Marino - 59• Biennale di Venezia (VE)
  • ASSI di RISONANZA, collective exhibition, Studio la Linea Verticale (BO)
  • SOLIPSISMO dei NONLUOGHI, ovvero dell’Amore Surmoderno, works by Daniele Cabri, Studio Cenacchi Arte Contemporanea (BO)
  • SOCIAL SWARM. Filosofia dell'Homo Digitalis, works by Marta Ciołkowska, KÖART Gallery(CT)
  • Falsos Positivos, work by Massiel Leza, Fabbri Francesco Prize for Contemporary Arts finalists exhibition, Contemporary Photography section, Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo (TV)
  • C'è un piacere nei boschi inesplorati..., collective exhibition "Ultraromanticismo. Il post umano tra inquietudini e abbandono", Spilamberto, Savignano, Castelfranco Emilia, Castelnuovo Rangone, Pavullo and Vignola (MO)
  • Ad Lunam, works by Daniele Cabri, Studio Cenacchi Arte Contemporanea (BO)
  • La pensée paysagère, works by Livio Ninni, Fmart Studio (MB)
  • Lost in E-Space, works by Daniel Johnston, Laurina Paperina, Tommaso Buldini, RIZOMI Art (PR) and Martina Corbetta Arte Contemporanea(MB)
  • Iperuranio, works by Enrica Berselli, Alice Padovani, Federica Poletti e Cetti Tumminia, Spazio Espositivo Madonna del Corso (Maranello - MO)
  • Ossigeno Ossigeno, II ed. collective exhibition, A60 Contemporary Art Space (MI)
  • Quello che doveva accadere, audio and text for Giovanni Gaggia's collective project at Museo Tattile Statale Omero (AN)
  • Characters Play, works by Laura Fortin, ArtBase Gallery (DE)
  • Breaking Bounderies, works by Teresa Margolles, Kunsthalle Krems (AT). Catalogue Ed. Hirmer (ISBN 978-3-7774-3484-1)
  • Theatrum Mundi, works by Simone Pellegrini and François Burland, Galleria Gliacrobati (TO) and Galleria Rizomi (PR)
  • The Flag Relocation, works by Francesco Di Giovanni, MLB Home Gallery (FE) and Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (CN). Catalogue ‘Da Guarene all’Etna 2019. Boiling Projects’, Ed. Skira (ISBN 978-88-572-4222-4)
  • No Time03 con i piedi per terra, work by Minus Log, Blooming Festival (Pergola - PU)
  • R-esistenza, works by Alessio Bolognesi, Galleria Portanova 12 (BO)
  • Creatività Dissidente, collective exhibition, Street Levels Gallery (FI)
  • Sylvie Selig, works by Tommaso Buldini and Sylvie Selig, Galleria Rizomi (PR), at SetUp Contemporary Art Fair (BO)
  • Out of the Aeons, works by Cosimo Veneziano, Galleria Alberto Peola (TO) at Fruit Exhibition (BO)
  • Paradisi Artificiali 01 + Sileno, works by Gian Luca Beccari, SetUp Plus (BO)
  • Missione a colori, II Vol. Catalogue ‘Vedo a Colori – Street Art al Porto‘ (Civitanova Marche - MC)
  • Corpi, works by Giuseppe Barilaro, Kwangwoo Han and I Santissimi, Art In Gallery (MI)

  • Instagram e FB Live streaming, with Aurelia Nicolosi, Marilina Giaquinta and Francesco Di Giovanni, @KOARTgallery (CT)
  • Stanze Notturne Digitali, with Maurizio Finotto and Gian Luca Beccari, MAAD – Museo Arte Adria Delta (RO).
  • Arte e Rigenerazione Urbana, with Giovanni di Iacovo, Mister Thoms, Alessandro Pompei, Daniela Santroni, Massimiliano Scuderi, Smake, Behance Portfolio Review (PE)
  • Vedo a Colori. Un Documentario al Porto, with Giulio Vesprini, Fruit Exhibition (BO)
  • La memoria, il cibo e la città, with Cosimo Veneziano, Fruit Exhibition (BO)
  • Today’s Special – II Edition, with Cosimo Veneziano, Matteo Bergamini, Paola Bonino, Marco Scotti, Elena Forin (PR)

Articles published from 2017 to date: on Artslife (online), Espoarte (online), Exibart (paper and online), SMALL ZINE (paper and online), Objectsmag (online):

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